Safety Protection Grid

Our every decision is driven by the need to make the world more sustainable and comfortable. Hence, using Taiwan as our foundation,
we aim to deliver our products on the global market. We work closely with our associates from early implementation to system updates.
And our vision is to help them execute mobility solutions efficiently while ensuring security and affordability.

The Certification of EU standard

To avoid any unfortunate accidents, our elevators are equipped with UCMP (Unexpected Elevator Movement Protection) and ACOP (Upward Elevator Overspeed Protection), which are EU standards, to protect users completely.

UCMP (Unexpected Elevator Movement Protection): To prevent people from entering and exiting the elevator due to abnormal movement.

ACOP (Upward Elevator Overspeed Protection): To prevent the accidental loss of personnel and property due to gravitational inertia when the top of the elevator is directly hit by the upward speed.

Your well-being matters

Today, as the world fights against precarious issues, health and safety is a priority on everyone's mind. We are all adapting to the new normal and accepting how our lives and urban mobility has changed.

Millions of people use elevators and escalators every day where they live, work and commute. At Chiher, we ensure every passenger's journey is safe and convenient through our safety protection grid. This is a holistic solution that creates healthier buildings and cities.

Our product enhances the safety of elevator passengers, equipment and the environment as well.

Passenger protection: We pay attention to the little things

Typically, accidents and injuries while using an elevator occur as people overlook minor things. At Chiher, we work closely with our clients to help them recognise and resolve any issues that may pose a risk. By integrating touchless operations into the safety protection grid, we enable contactless and safe journeys for passengers.

Elevator protection: Prolonging your elevator's life

We include solutions and services in the safety protection grid that help you keep your elevators running optimally. With AI-powered preventive maintenance and instant updates, we ensure smooth elevator operations.

We offer 24-hour support to our customers and help them stay on top of their elevator's performance with monthly analytical reports and mobile notifications. At Chiher, you can also schedule maintenance visits in advance and design a service plan to suit your needs.

Environment protection: Creating healthier spaces

We help you make the best of urban spaces while meeting your sustainability goals. We pay special attention to how our products and solutions manage passenger traffic and streamline user journeys.

Our safety protection grid allows you to share information in real-time with passengers and remind them to maintain social distance when using the elevator. The safety protection grid solution is also designed to be more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.