Operator Panels

Chiher have always devoted offer a host of better and smarter elevator service. Staying true to our philosophy: delivering exceptional service with integrity, we prioritise safe and quality control designs and services.
Our every decision is driven by the need to make the world more sustainable and comfortable.

Our ideal operating systems offer stress-free operations

Apart from supporting people's well-being, our safety light curtains inculcate a safety feature to your elevators. When someone comes within the range of the curtains' light beams, it senses them and relays this information to the elevator controller, which opens the doors.

Through this, the curtains prevents any mishaps that may occur while entering and exiting the elevator. Our light sensors prove to be especially vital to safeguard those who are more prone to such accidents like young children, the elderly, and pets.

Benefits of the modern Chiher panels

Chiher panel features allow elevators to transport your tenants and visitors from floor to floor effortlessly.

Simple implementation

Compatible with various brands and equipment, Chiher panels are easy to install and maintain.


Our new panels enable touchless journeys that ensure passenger health and reduce waiting time.

Unique designs

You can choose from a range of panel designs that meet your needs. From classic to trendy designs, our panels help you enhance the essence of your elevators and buildings.

Enabling convenience

Our operator panels offer a highly intuitive interface that instantly detects gestures and voice commands, giving passengers a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Voice-activated elevator panel

Another modern, neat option is the Chiher voice-activated operator panel. This product seamlessly supplements elevator push buttons and gives elevators a contemporary look.

Passengers can use simple voice commands to call elevators and input destination floor requests. The panel registers these commands and dispatches elevators. Hence, this product promotes cleanliness and eliminates physical contact with elevator buttons.

The clean, touchless hover panel

The operator panel supports hover signalling, allowing passengers to call an elevator or select their floor without touching any of the buttons. When passengers are outside the elevator, they can hover their fingers in front of the call buttons, and once the panel reads their request, it lights up and promptly calls the elevator. Passengers can also do the same with the floor buttons inside the elevator.