Elevator Controller+eKeeper

We have always devoted ourselves to developing better and smarter elevator control systems. In 2003, we began rigorous research to create our first elevator control program: the SCH-168. A year later, we had developed a new product for home elevators and even patented a unique Brake Failure Protection system two years after that. Since then, we have developed many new generation control systems for home and public elevators.

An Integrated Solution That Reforms Mobility

At Chiher, we help our customers attain unmatched elevator and escalator operations with flawless control systems. Our clients can independently integrate elevator control systems or eKeeper intelligent systems into their elevators. On the other hand, they can also obtain the benefits of both with our combined solutions.

Our integrated solution combines drive technology, energy efficiency technology, control technology, and networking technology into a whole new design. Our solution offers a unique potential to improve and optimise elevators in all aspects of safety and reliability, ease of operation, practical and economic applications.

Attributes that keep our solution at the forefront

Connecting services

Our integrated solution connects your elevators and escalators to our cloud services. And using AI technology, our product conducts continuous performance and risk analysis to enhance your building and equipment lifetime.

Real-time monitoring

We constantly keep an eye on how well your equipment is performing. This helps us improve passenger and maintenance staff safety and increase accessibility.

Internet of Things

eKeeper strengthens our controller systems via a scalable IoT technology. It allows our clients to connect elevators with various user applications and building management software.

Instant alerts

Elevator engineers can receive timely information for smooth maintenance. If a problem occurs, they get notified immediately with details of what caused the issue and instructions to help them restart the equipment.

eKeeper information platform

Our transparent platform keeps you informed about any issues that arise. You can also access applicable insights and reports from eKeeper, helping you prepare for future maintenance needs.

Enabling Motility Through Technology

We help our partners adapt to this digital age by streamlining people flow, enhancing user experience, and prolonging equipment lifespan. We upgrade your existing elevators to ensure your building can take advantage of new-age technologies.

We offer solutions that:
  1. Reduce carbon footprint
  2. Increase energy efficiency
  3. Improve capacity, comfort, and safety
  4. Reform connectivity
  5. Lower operation costs
  6. Resolve issues of code compliance with evolving laws and regulations.