Elevator Controller

Elevators are the primary means of transport in public or large residential buildings. And for its passengers,
waiting time and service period are vital characteristics of building services.

Our ideal operating systems offer stress-free operations

Chiher's control systems allow our customers to deliver optimum mobility operation. Based on a contemporary microprocessor design, our control systems can handle simplex, duplex or 8-car groups with ease. Backed by EN 81-20 and EN 81-50 elevator safety certification, our platforms are adept at detecting fire alarms, floods and earthquakes to ensure passenger safety.

Enhancing application and speed

Chiher controllers are compatible with PM/ Worm Gear/ Helical Gear Machines and can efficiently keep up with a speed of 600 metres per minute, up to 64 floors.

Energy-efficient operations

We help our clients meet their various green building requirements by offering control systems that are functional and sustainable. Our controller provides an energy saving of over 50%.

Grouping destination control for elevators

Our controllers enhance people flow and ensure shorter travelling time. It enables a real-time scheduling system that directs passengers going to the same floor to the same elevator. Hence, eliminating rush-hour congestions.

Hydraulic Elevator Control Systems

Our hydraulic control systems come with an integrated user interface that permits remote parameter adjustments. It allows access to statistical data such as energy consumption, running time, the number of open doors, steel wire (rope) bending times, and operating distance. They are easy to install and come with a unique care assist function for emergencies.

Escalator Control Systems

Apart from efficient elevators systems, we also offer escalator control systems that reform public spaces. Our control systems are based on a high-performance industrial controller and can instantly detect over-speed and under-speed operations.

With anti-static and anti-electromagnetic capabilities, the system constantly monitors handrail speed and detects if someone missed an escalator step. Our clients can leverage an easy-to-use control board to customise parameters and troubleshoot any issues.

Global solution for your need

If you work or live in the city, without a doubt, elevators play a vital role in your daily routine. At Chiher, we proudly work with our partners and help them move millions of people daily.

From residential spaces to public buildings, Chiher products and solutions help shape the future of urban mobility. Our solutions help our clients integrate devices and equipment into elevators, making everyday life easier and safer. Our range of products find applications in various cargo, home and passenger elevators.