Elevator Planning with Chiher

Chiher Elevators stands as the sole manufacturer in Taiwan to have secured the esteemed safety certification under the European Union's new elevator safety standards (EN81-20/50). Our unique "one-stop halt technology" is a testament to years of dedication and hard work by our entire team. Through robust technical prowess and impeccable customer service, we've established enduring collaborations with international clientele.

Our elevators come with 24-hour intelligent remote monitoring. With cutting-edge technology and innovative designs, we offer safer elevator options. Whether it's bustling commercial structures, public elevators, or home elevators, anticipate swift, secure, and smooth riding experiences.

Freight elevators are essential for enhancing transport efficiency and convenience. Our freight elevator systems boast impressive load-bearing capacities, flexible configuration options, and smart AI remote monitoring, tailored to various commercial and industrial requirements. Whether it's cargo transportation or personnel conveyance, we offer efficient and dependable solutions.

Our residential elevators merge practicality with elegance, offering a seamless vertical transit solution for your home while emphasizing safety and comfort. Perfect for the elderly, those with mobility challenges, or any family member, they promise unparalleled convenience.

Choose Chiher for your elevator planning needs and benefit from our professional expertise, quality assurance, and holistic customer care. Elevate your expectations with Chiher.

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