Intelligent Elevator Telemonitoring System : eKeeper

By merging the best of Cloud and AI technology, we bring you a state-of-the-art eKeeper Intelligent Elevator System. Renowned as one of our flagship products, the eKeeper is an Internet of Things (IoT) solution integrated with AI techniques that enables round the clock remote monitoring to predict maintenance issues before they occur.

By conducting real-time big-data analysis and notifying technicians instantly, the eKeeper helps enable fault resolution and targeted maintenance accurately. It transforms elevator systems into a unique mobility system through automatic elevator health checks, operation reports, and predictive maintenance.

Makes riding an elevator a whole new experience

How eKeeper Delivers Convenience

eKeeper offers a host of effective solutions that reform vertical mobility.

Proactive monitoring

Integrate eKeeper with an existing building system or Chiher's elevator control system to monitor elevator status. When an issue occurs, eKeeper delivers all necessary information at once and make customers feel safety and comfort.

Improve the efficiency of maintenance staff

eKeeper can accurately analyse and repair the elevator condition to improve the speed of troubleshooting and reduce the time customers have to wait for repair.

Decrease in operating costs

By reducing the incidence of elevator breakdowns, we can effectively reduce operating costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

Flexible integration

Tailor the interface and graphics on eKeeper controls to match your brand identity. You can also customise how you receive notifications and analytics for peak performance.

What does eKeeper can do?

Automatic notification system

Through IoT technology, the elevator status is instantly updated, and when a fault or a trapped person is found, the system takes the initiative to notify the maintenance personnel immediately through the cell phone APP to go to investigate at short time.

Big data tracking of elevator consumables

Using big data to grasp the condition of each elevator consumables, it can not only warn the consumables that are approaching the end of their life in advance, but also make full use of the available consumables to avoid wastage.

Monthly operation report

According to the customer's demand, we can provide monthly elevator operation data report, including the accumulated operation times, the number of door openings and closings, the number of buttons presses in the car and the passenger area, and the monthly maintenance time record and other detailed reports.

Operation Signal Replay

eKeeper monitors elevator all the time. Technicians can replay the signals to check detailed operations and find out root cause of issues.

Enabling Motility Through Technology

From residential to public spaces, our eKeeper solution is changing the future of urban mobility.

Cargo Elevator

With enhanced safety and energy efficiency, eKeeper makes freight elevators more durable and helps users transport groceries, luggage, and bulky loads with ease.

Home Elevator

With eKeeper, building owners and managers can deliver new comfort levels to residents. With key digital management and remote monitoring, you can save both time and money.

Passenger Elevator

eKeeper connects various digital interfaces, allowing businesses to implement efficient security protocols and offer their customers smooth, personalised access in adaptive workplaces.