We have initiated strong partnerships with several elevator manufacturers, builders, building owners, architects,
and consultants to offer safe and efficient vertical mobility solutions worldwide. Safety and comfort are our top priorities.
Hence, by adhering to the required design and technical norms,
we have proven to be a reliable partner to our elevator manufacturing associates in South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

Sustaining long-term cooperation

As the world evolves to a new era, we proudly work with our clients and partners to make urban mobility better and more sustainable. Our success, in essence, hinges upon the strong relations we build with our clients around the world. Hence, we offer services and products that are affordable and sustainable.

How we work

We offer our clients premium products, such as the Chiher controller and eKeeper system, as integrated services. However, we also offer them as stand-alone products. In this case, we closely cooperate with the third-party controller system company recommended by our client to achieve a suitable solution.

What makes us different is our commitment to stability and customer satisfaction. We allow our foreign customers to test our products in person before proceeding with the purchase. Our products ensure efficient functions for up to 10 years. And with constant monitoring and preventive maintenance, we execute timely repair and maintenance, prolonging equipment lifespan.

Additionally, we ensure quick product delivery to our overseas clients, usually within 14 days. However, this may vary based on product availability and demand.

Prioritising your needs

We understand that client loyalty and satisfaction are vital to our business growth. Hence, we dedicate our time to deliver what is important to your needs. Through systemic and transparent processes, we analyse and solve any issues you may have.

Meeting your sustainable goals

Sustainability drives innovation. Hence, we keep in mind how our products influence the society, environment, and economy in our client’s countries. We also consider your compliance needs related to all national and international laws and regulations. And, being EN 81-20 and EN 81-50 certified makes us a reliable partner.

Ensuring employee and partner safety

To us, safety always comes first, be it for passengers, employees, or partners. Therefore, we ensure our technicians always follow the essential safety requirements. We also arm our partners with easy-to-understand safety guides, helping them conduct quick safety inspections.

Why opt for a Chiher partnership?