Chiher Elevators is, and always will be, committed to researching and innovating contemporary control systems.
Staying true to our philosophy: delivering exceptional service with integrity, we prioritize safe and quality control designs and services.
This helps us work with leading businesses and manufacturers to enhance the utility of cities, public spaces and buildings.

Reforming Global Vertical Mobility

If you work or live in the city, without a doubt, elevators play a vital role in your daily routine. At Chiher, we proudly work with our partners and help them move millions of people daily.

From residential spaces to public buildings, Chiher products and solutions help shape the future of urban mobility. Our solutions help our clients integrate devices and equipment into elevators, making everyday life easier and safer. Our range of products find applications in various cargo, home and passenger elevators.

Passenger Elevator

Enabled by scalable Cloud technology, our control systems combine various digital interfaces, hardware, and access control management, allowing businesses to implement efficient security protocols. It seamlessly integrates into your elevator and offers your customers smooth, personalised access.

Our innovative control systems–along with touchless operation panels and security grids–make urban public spaces ready to handle the current passenger traffic efficiently.

Family Elevator

Elegant family elevators add quality and convenience to life in any residence. At Chiher, we take your home elevators to a new level with our innovative products. Whether for private homes or housing projects, we offer products that bring technology and comfort to daily life.

Our control systems, integrated with eKeeper information panels, allow building owners to share important building information quickly and easily. Additionally, they can save time and money with digital monitoring and management.

Cargo Elevators

Cargo or freight elevators are mostly used in places that require intensive load transportation, such as shopping centres, factories and warehouses. In such elevators, cargo carrying capacity plays a vital role. Hence, the propulsion systems are usually hydraulic or mechanical.

Our hydraulic elevator control system has proven very useful in cargo elevators. This is due to its integrated user interface that allows our clients to modify various operation parameters remotely. Our machine learning control systems also help them constantly monitor cargo loads and elevator usage, allowing them to analyse and address maintenance issues.