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Since its foundation 25 years ago, Chiher has been one of the foremost leaders in the elevator industry. We aspire to enhance the sustainability of urban cities and make them a better place to live. Hence, we dedicate our time and skills to developing innovative safety equipment and technologies. We are known as pioneers that offer the finest elevator controller systems, including the ingenious, intelligent elevator system: the eKeeper.

Additionally, we offer a host of quality services for maintaining and modernising elevators. Headquartered in Penghu County, Taiwan, we house a brilliant team of 40 creative minds who dedicate their skills to improving urban lifestyles.

Controller System

Our control systems can handle simplex, duplex or 8-car groups with ease.

Light Sensor

We designed innovative light sensors that promote health by enabling contactless journeys.

Controller + eKeeper

Our integrated solution combines drive technology, energy efficiency technology, control technology, and networking technology into a whole new design.

Elevator safety devices

The accidents of elevator rushing and injuring people are often attributed to the failure of motor brake. Our developed 256 control system can automatically detect the brake abnormalities of the elevator, activate the protection function automatically, and prevent the elevator from losing control and rushing uncontrollably.


(2018) The only one in the country to obtain the EU EN certification, Qihe Elevator is at ease

(2018) The only one in the country to obtain the EU EN certification, Qihe Elevator is at ease

Boost your quality of life

We bring you a state-of-the-art eKeeper Intelligent Elevator System.

The eKeeper is a machine learning Internet of Things (IoT) solution that enables round the clock remote monitoring to predict maintenance issues before they occur.

The eKeeper delivers comfort, safety and availability to your elevators and makes riding an elevator a whole new experience.

Patent Certification

Our Global Credibility

Although we invent and manufacture our programs in Taiwan, we extend our extensive maintenance services to eminent countries in Pacific Asia, including Australia, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia. Our constant growth has also helped us establish our presence in countries like Dubai and Kuwait in the Middle East and Nigeria in Africa.

We are proud bearers of several patents, including six Taiwan new patents and one Taiwan invention patent. We are also the first elevator company in Taiwan to receive two prestigious certificates the EN 81-20 and EN 81-50 from The European Committee for Standardisation.


We have initiated strong partnerships with several elevator manufacturers, builders, building owners, architects, and consultants to offer safe and efficient vertical mobility solutions worldwide.